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We're not a big company, just a couple in love, with a baby girl and a golden doodle.

After traveling to 50 countries and staying at thousands of properties, we’ve learned a few things about what makes a place memorable for both the right and wrong reasons. From luxury hotels to stopover AirBnBs, overwater bungalows in Fiji to shared rooms in Cuba, we’ve had plenty of awe-inspiring stays and a few disastrous ones. Too often, though, we’ve simply been disappointed. These places over promised and under delivered, or worse, they looked at us and saw dollar signs instead of people.

Missing is the remedy for that. Imagine a place that makes you feel like your experience is the only thing that matters. A place that thinks of everything, so you have the space in your mind to explore what matters most to you. A place that inspires and provides the means to help you turn those ideas into something tangible. A place that embodies everything with purpose, including you.

Throughout our travels, this is the kind of place we were missing. So, we decided to create it ourselves.

This isn't our first rodeo. This time, though, it’s more personal. Missing Hotel is our dream, the culmination of thousands of experiences fueled by a relentless pursuit of adventure, creativity and growth. Now, we want others to reap the benefits of our discoveries.

This is not merely a hotel, a stopover, a self-help course. It’s a reprieve. It’s a space to regroup, explore, create, process, breathe more easily, and feel genuinely looked after. It’s permission to go missing for a while, trusting that when you return home, you’ll be better for it.


The build: One hell of a year

How to : One year, 16 hour days of working to the bone, a tight knit crew of six amazing, creative and the hard working people you'll find.

Find your paradise

The Land

After searching for three years we found the piece of land we'd always wanted. It was as beautiful as it was wild.

Two months of clearing

Our office view

Through the windshield of a 31,000# dozer, the invasive cedar that have laid claim to the land seem to level the playing field.

Well, maybe three months...

Piles & piles

Moving of massive trees cleared, delicately weaving through narrow passages. Family and friends helped tremendously along the way. Weekends and vacations were spent in the heat to help us make it into a reality.

Two months of burning

Add heat

Safely allowing fire to turn twenty piles the size of two story homes into rich ash and fertile soil. Five burn pits fifty feet wide and twenty feet deep provide a buffer of protection along with round the clock monitoring and an abundance of precaution.

Water + Power


Depths of 650'+ were reached to bring our crystal clear water to the surface. Two miles of utilities stretch across the land to allow the distancing and privacy of our accommodations carefully tucked in the trees. To minimize the impact, these routes became our pathways.

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