Disconnect from distraction.
Reconnect with yourself.

This is permission to go missing for a while, trusting that when you return home, you’ll be better for it.

This is not merely a hotel, a stopover or a self-help course. It’s a reprieve. It’s a space to regroup, explore, create, process, breathe more easily, and feel genuinely looked after.

Choose your level of immersion with our unique villas & domes.

Villa? Geodesic dome? Whatever your preference, each shelter provides a dreamy cocoon to rest, reflect and recharge. They're outfitted with the luxuries you're used to and some you're not... AC, private bathroom, showers and personal plunge pools are just a start!

For us, off grid doesn't mean out of touch, at least not entirely. Remember Walkies? You'll be just fine. WiFi is available, but don't expect much and we'd suggest disconnecting instead. You'll thank us.

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Disappearing in the woods doesn't have to be a bad thing.

We just prefer to call it forest bathing.

Imagine a place that makes you feel like your experience is the only thing that matters. A place that thinks of everything, so you have the space in your mind to explore what matters most to you. A place that inspires and provides the means to help you turn those ideas into something tangible. A place that imbues everything with purpose, including you.

Throughout our travels, this is the kind of place we were missing. So, we decided to create it ourselves.

And there's plenty of space for you, too.

Get lost in a good way in Texas Hill Country.

We can't won't tell you exactly where we're located, because getting here is part of the adventure (think...scavenger hunt!), but we will tell you we're 45 minutes from downtown Austin (northwest) and 10 minutes from the lake. Want to know more?

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