Wildest highlights we can remember!

  • Flying over ranch when I found the listing
  • Moving boulders with the dozer
  • Creating 30 foot bonfires regularly
  • Burning the panels for yoku with a blow torch 
  • Finding prison correspondence about a guy moving to my hometown in the airstream
  • Singing with the Golden Cheek warblers in the forest
  • Finding the most incredible hardworking, generous, ingenious crew with their School Bus in tow
  • Moving into the first completed dome with a 6-week-old :)
  • Contractor trying to take off with $100k before getting started on the job
  • Contractor pulling a gun on us when the job wasn’t finished demanding the rest of the payment 
  • One guy working with us had mummy wraps and hieroglyphics tattooed all over him 
  • Someone from California told us they knew him

Thank you for going on this journey with us :) If you haven’t already, we can’t wait for you to come experience it for yourself!

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