Why we want to share our story

To kick off the new year, we thought it would be great to share our story with you all. How we thought up Missing and some behind-the-scenes tales of the journey along the way! Over the next twelve posts, we'll share the challenges and wins that got us here. Feel free to ask us questions and chime in, as we relive this wild journey together! Going through the build pictures made us feel incredibly nostalgic and connected to the property :)

We're not a big company, just a couple (Stephen and Sam) in love with a baby girl, a golden doodle, and two mini-cows… 


We want you to know where the rock steps came from and the stories that got us all here, together…

One morning, I woke up and said,

"Babe, don’t freak out..."

Of course, the first thing Stephen does is freak out… He never knows what I am going to throw at him :) This was the beginning of our missing adventure. Stephen and I have completely opposite personalities. Stephen is the calm, analytical, and numbers-oriented guy, while I am an avid daydreamer who always poses the “what if" questions. Some might think this could be a disastrous combination, but for us, it was absolutely perfect. 

I began writing our story after guests repeatedly asked us about our journey. They wanted to know what inspired us, how we thought of the surprises around the property, and how long it took. As they kept asking us questions and wanted to hear the drama behind the build, I decided it was time to get it on paper and share it with those who have stayed with us and those who will come stay with us in the future. 

After you read our narrative, you will know where the rock steps came from (trenching the utility lines) and why we have some weirdly shaped decks (because we wouldn’t disturb any Oak Trees). As I write this record, I am reliving many of the moments and realize what a wild ride it was! After revisiting the wins, challenges, and surprises that we encountered along the way, it is still hard to believe WE DID IT! We want to share our story with you so that it will inspire you to live and tackle your dreams! It is possible, you just need some help and a cheerleader!

If you need some time to think in the wilderness or some wind behind your sails to get that extra oomph… Come stay with us and we’ll help as much as we can :) 

To start from the very beginning, Missing is the culmination of the feelings we experienced every time we encountered a fun, unexpected surprise or an incredibly designed hotel space. After experiencing this time and time again while traveling, it became a life goal to help others experience the same feelings. Missing is our quest to share our unpredictable travel wonders and serendipitous moments with you! The unexpected feelings in the form of a hand-written note or special preparations for the room are instances that changed our lives and what we want to pass on to our guests. After traveling to 50 countries and staying at hundreds of properties, we’ve learned a few things about what makes a place memorable for both the right and wrong reasons. From luxury hotels to stopover AirBnBs, overwater bungalows in Fiji to shared rooms in Cuba, we’ve had plenty of awe-inspiring stays and a few disastrous ones. Too often, though, we’ve simply been disappointed. These places over-promised and under-delivered.
Missing Hotel is the remedy for that. Imagine a place that makes you feel like your experience is the only thing that matters. A place that thinks of everything, so you have the space in your mind to explore what matters most to you. A place that inspires and provides the means to help you turn those ideas into something tangible. A place that embodies everything with purpose, including you.

Throughout our travels, this is the kind of place we were missing. So, we decided to create it ourselves.

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