New Mascot

Now that we have all of our heavy equipment, we quickly realized hanging out on a bulldozer all day can be a bit lonely… We decided we needed a sidekick to hang out with us while we took on this seemingly impossible endeavor! Knowing a fellow Golden Doodle, we decided that was our dream dog… No shedding, incredibly smart, and pretty much the cutest thing we had ever seen. 

In July we got Piper Maru! (Shout out to any X-Files Fans out there!) From day one, she learned to stay close to us and follow us around the property as we executed our various tasks and picked out each dome site. She learned how to drive the gator and open the ice chest with her nose :)

Getting her in the dead of summer, she wasn’t able to tolerate the Texas heat so well :) When we couldn’t find her, we learned that she would run to the cooler, open it, and fall asleep on the ice to cool down :). We knew if we couldn’t find her, that’s where she would be!

She is all grown up now and LOVES to welcome each new guest to the property with a bit of a ferocious bark and then lots of tail wiggles and kisses. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to complete the project with just the two of us and Piper, it was time to find a crew.

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