New “Home”- Geo Dome!

Bringing Oli home to the Airstream had its challenges, so luckily our in-laws were kind enough to let us share their house until… the first dome was complete! We lived with Oli in our Morii dome for about 6 weeks and created some of my favorite memories during that time. I will never forget the mornings of waking up with the panoramic windows and almost feeling like we were outside, but in the comfort of our bed.

Then the day finally came… the microcrete floors were dry and it was time to move into Zephyr! It was a glorious 650 sq ft that felt like a mansion after the airstream and the Geo Dome :) We lived in Zephyr for the next 2.5 years until we outgrew it and decided it was time to rent it out for others to enjoy. The floor-to-ceiling windows and hanging chairs made it an incredible haven to enjoy the golden hour and reconvene at the end of the day after a hard day’s work.

Oli was a great sleeper and chilled in the papoose and baby seat while I assembled furniture and unrolled rugs into the units as they were completed. We had until July to get the rest of our units over the hump for our July soft opening!

July 13th, 2021- Our first guests arrived :) 

Things went very smoothly and they felt honored to be our first guests!

We didn’t want to merely create a hotel. We wanted to create a stopover, a self-help course. A reprieve. A space to regroup, explore, create, process, breathe more easily, and feel genuinely looked after. We want to give you permission to go missing for a while, trusting that when you return home, you’ll be better for it.

Over the next couple weeks, we want to share some lessons learned from the build and some of the wildest moments :) 

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