How to Guide & Lessons Learned

The first part of the project took one year, 16 hour days of working to the bone, with a tight knit crew of six amazing, creative and hard-working people you'll find. 

(I guess we hadn’t been challenged enough, because we decided in January of 2022, it was time for phase 2 and added 4 more units!)

Find your paradise

After searching for three years we found the piece of land we'd always wanted. It was as beautiful as it was wild and we instantly knew it was right for us!

Get an amazing crew to help!

Two months of clearing, our office view was through the windshield of a 31,000# dozer. Getting the dozer seemed to level the playing field to tackle the invasive cedar that has laid claim to the land and the giant boulders everywhere. Family and friends helped tremendously along the way. Weekends and vacations were spent in the heat to help us make it into a reality.

Find the perfect spot for each unit and keep clearing

Moving massive trees while still trying to delicately weave through narrow passages was no easy feat! 

Burn those trees you’ve cleared out of the way

Spend the next two months burning in the middle of a Texas Summer. Safely allowing fire to turn twenty piles the size of two-story homes into rich ash and fertile soil. We had five burn pits fifty feet wide and twenty feet deep providing a buffer of protection along with round-the-clock monitoring and an abundance of caution.

Get Water + Power in place

Dig miles of trenches throughout the property to bring water and power to each location. To minimize the impact, these routes became our pathways.

Drill a water well to depths of 650'+ to bring our crystal clear water to the surface.  

Build the structures 

Make sure the contractor doesn’t abscond with your money before they start on the project!

Get the structures completed by the time you get your first booking

Hope the guests enjoy the views🤞

Lessons Learned:

  • You can plan for everything, but we promise that’s not how it will go!
  • You need to be able to call audibles and be flexible with executing the plan
  • You are only as strong and happy as your crew, so treat them well!
  • YouTube is your best resource, even if you’ve never done it, there is someone out there who will show you.
  • You can do more than you think! Don’t get intimidated by “experts” and take a stab at it yourself! (Unless there are safety risks involved).
  • ASK FOR HELP! You can’t do it all yourself. 
  • YOU WILL GO OVER BUDGET, but as long as you are flexible, you  can navigate this.

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