“Did You Say Mini Cow? I Love Mini Cows!”

Matt was right. We keep calling this place a ranch, but I don’t think one adorable golden doodle qualifies a place as a ranch. Time for a new Mascot so that we could be a proper “ranch”! Please welcome Elvis and Presley! These two love bugs were the result of a late-night campfire chat and a bottle of Jack Daniels that led to a discussion about how cute Mini Cows are and that we needed some animals to be true to our word. The conversation somehow posed a challenge to Matt and he felt compelled to execute! Two weeks later, we added our next permanent residents to the “ranch”.

Elvis is black as night and the moment I saw his fluffy hair on the top of his head, he was instantly Elvis! Presley took a little more time to grow into her name, we thought of Tupelo, Priscilla, or maybe even Gracie, but once it rolled off the Tongue, Elvis and Presley, that was it :) Presley did come at a bit of a discount because of her wonky horn, but we love her for it! Elvis is the lover and Presley is the pain. She likes to rule the roost! Piper gave them a warm welcome and they were fast friends and love running around the field together. 

With our 3 trusty mascots in place, we still had some work to do to get everything ready for the 4th mascot on the way!

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