Are We Really Doing This?

I am the luckiest woman in the world to have a partner who was willing to listen to me when I said,

"Babe, don’t freak out... We have stayed in hundreds of hotels, what if we try it out for ourselves?" 

Whenever I pose these impossible questions (which is pretty often because I am the dreamer), Stephen will let out a little groan. It never fails… Every time I hear that little groan it cracks me up because it means he is gearing up for the madness. He will usually indulge me, but for him to consider the questions I pose, he has to run through all the logistics. He won't come up to the clouds with me, he has to know how it will all work out before he will play the what-if game. 

Except this time, it was a little different. He perked up, was quiet for a bit, and then said,

"That's not a bad idea. Maybe we could get some land and build some units to have some guests.”

He was quiet again, and I'm sure he thought through the 900 thousand other steps it would take for the endeavor. Then he looked at me again and said,

"Let's see if we can find land and this could work.” 

After a few days, he started to wrap his head around what it would take, and it seemed palatable, even exciting to him! After that day, our lives would never be the same. Weirdly enough, we had a mutual friend who started Glamping Hub and we reached out to him about consulting us on the project. He put us through the wringer on our first call and asked us many questions about our tenacity and resolve to gauge if we were going to follow through. We told him we had started two other businesses and that Stephen was a numbers guy, so he agreed to help us get off the ground. Knowing we had a pillar of wisdom under us, we were ready to embark on our craziest adventure yet! 

This isn't our first rodeo. This time, though, it’s more personal. Missing Hotel is our dream, the culmination of thousands of experiences fueled by a relentless pursuit of adventure, creativity and growth. Now, we want others to reap the benefits of our discoveries.

Our first task among the 900 thousand others that came our way- find land…

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